ActSafe Lifting goods ACX



The purpose of this module is to give the participants knowledge about the rules of use of ActSafe ACX Power Ascender for lifting goods operations.

Training outcome:

Upon completion of this course delegates can:

  • Describe and implement the general safety guidelines when working with ActSafe Power Ascender,
  • Describe and implement the basic safety requirements for equipment lifting,
  • Describe the risks of working with Li-Ion batteries and how to take care of them,
  • Tell what ropes must be used when working with ActSafe Power Ascender,
  • Describe all the ascender’s parts and controls and its functions,
  • Demonstrate a pre use check of the ascender,
  • Demonstrate how to feed the rope correctly into the ascender,
  • Demonstrate the 4 equipment lifting setups and how to achange between them,
  • Tell in which applications ActSafe Ascenders may be used for equipment lifting,
  • Demonstrate emergency procedures.

Admission requirements:

  • Valid health certificate,
  • Valid Working at height certificate.


24 months




max 6