Bolt Tightening (SGTT SE-P-50535)



The overall purpose of the course is to provide practical training in bolt tightening and shimming techniques and tools specific to Siemens Gamesa. Through the use of different types of exercises performed individually and/or in small groups the ability to safely and competently perform torquing and tensioning of bolts as well as shimming are achieved.

Training outcome:

Upon completion of the course the participants are able to:

  • Know how to find documentation applicable to torquing, tensioning and shimming,
  • Use torque wrenches correctly to tighten bolts,
  • Inspect, assemble/dismantle and adjust the hydraulic torque and tensioning tools,
  • Use hydraulic torque and tensioning tools correctly to tighten bolts using the two-stage bolt tightening procedure,
  • Inspect, measure and fill in checklist as part of shimming,
  • Know how to use shimming tools for filling air gaps by following the applicable procedure,
  • Select technical manuals and documentation for bolt tightening and shimming tasks to be performed under supervision,
  • Safely operate specialized tools used for bolt tightening and shimming,
  • Suitably fill out appropriate checklists when working in the turbine.

Admission requirements:

  • SE-P-50510 SGTT – General Technical Safety Awareness eLearning,
  • SE-P 07900 Technical Safety Training
  • SE-P-50530 SGTT – Bolt Tightening Training eLearning.


No expiry


5 hours


6 participant maximum