Gearbox inspection and oil sampling (SGTT SE-P-50545)



The purpose of this course is to provide the participant with hands on experience of the procedures for inspecting gearboxes, including identifying different types of damage to teeth and bearings as well as establishing the root cause. Additionally, this course covers oil sampling.

Training outcome:

Upon completion of the course the participants are able to:

  • Understand how to choose the correct documentation for performing gearbox inspection and how to take an oil sample,
  • Apply the technical documents and perform work procedures for gearbox inspection and taking an oil sample,
  • Perform a gearbox inspecting in accordance with Work Instruction,
  • Perform exchange of an inline filter and classify pollution levels,
  • Perform extraction of a gear oil sample in accordance with Work Instruction,
  • Fill out appropriate checklists when working in the turbine.

Admission requirements:

  • SE-P-50510 SGTT – General Technical Safety Awareness eLearning,
  • SE-P 07900 Technical Safety Training
  • SE-P-50540 SGTT – Gearbox Inspection and Oil Sampling eLearning.


No expiry


4 h


6 participant maximum