Hand Tool (SGTT SE-P-50555)


The overall purpose of the course is to provide practical training for the hand tools used in Siemens Gamesa. Through the use of different types of exercises performed individual and/or in small groups the ability to safely and competently inspect, prepare, use and maintain different types of tools are achieved.

Upon completion of the course the participants are able to:

  • Understand how to identify the correct manual and electrical hand tools needed to perform a specific task,
  • Skilled in inspecting hand tools for damages and wear,
  • Know how to identify the correct tethering accessories for different types of hand tools and skilled in fitting them correctly,
  • Know how to Identify the correct PPE to use when using different types of hand tools,
  • Identify and inspect the correct tools needed to perform tasks found in a Wind Turbine environment,
  • Securing the tools from being dropping through the use of tethering accessories,
  • Identifying and equipping the appropriate PPE when using manual and electrical hand tools.

Admission requirements:

  • SE-P-50510 SGTT – General Technical Safety Awareness e-learning,
  • SE-P 07900 Technical Safety Training
  • SE-P-50550 SGTT – Hand Tool Training eLearning.


No expiry


2 h


6 participant maximum